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He accompanies Lantern, Captain Atom and Supergirl, in trying to combat this Godzilla-sized robot.Lantern and Atom are sidelined by near fatal injuries, more so with Atom since the robot’s nuclear blast proves too much for him and he heads into space to explode once his containment suit is breached.This episode also comments on human’s propensity for violence and making war, which seems to also extend to super heroes.

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People in this series and in this episode are bruised when they are hit in some instances.

Winter 2008 was a bad winter, for personal reasons I won’t go into, but JLU got me through it.

Boomerang aired two episodes, I believe, around eleven or eleven thirty every night, and that’s when I recorded them.

Supergirl’s character arc is another favorite highlight of this retooled Justice League series too. FOR THE MAN WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Based on the same story in Superman Annual #11 (1985), it’s Superman’s birthday and Wonder Woman and Batman are on their way to the Fortress Of Solitude to give him their gifts when they discover someone has beaten them to it and given him a gift of their own.

He’s found in a semi-comatose state with what looks like an alien sea anemone wrapped around his body.

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